Indie Masala

Two big masala news items of the day (of sorts) were Sehwag threatening to leave Delhi in favour of Haryana in case his (and his like minded team-mates’) demand of fair participation during selection meets is not met; and another of Shahrukh Khan proclaiming that the issue of his interrogation at Newark airport was not blown out of proportion due to his forthcoming Mumbaiah/Hindi film.

Sehwag may be right in raising the issue and not many think that he minces either words or shots while dealing with the opposition 🙂 The reason why the DDCA seems to be in a dock now is that he has grown into a celebrity after so many years in the field and DDCA just can not run him over like they did to him and others in the past.

The DDCA babus’ think-tank grossly miscalculated the fury and the outcome this time round and even their brave face stating “we have plan B” shows that they’ve gone defensive and they certainly have something to hide. Only time will tell who buckles down. Knowing Arun Jaitly however, I do not see much happening on this issue and apart from minor reassurances, nothing more would be traded on the floor.

Coming back to the Shahrukh Khan episode; on the outset, it looked like a really goofed up script… and now it looks like even more botched up thingy. I watched him on TV retorting to the statement by an equally trigger happy character of Indian political diaspora, and he looked so vulnerable and at the same time not too sure of what was about to come. His continuous bragging of “SRK doesn’t need any publicity” was laughable at the least.

You are right to an extent Mr. Khan that you do not need more publicity, however, your film definitely does. This event can not be such a coincidence to crash with the release timeline of the film, you must have visited the US earlier and then too you must have been ‘detained’ simply because your “… name is Khan”. Your constant efforts and yearning to remain in the limelight belie your words.


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5 thoughts on “Indie Masala

  1. ..oh and your first comment. Good to know about your blog. even better that you thought of this. I hope you are regular enough, more regular than me.

    About the SRK episode, I had seen a report that SRK was released from it in 66 minutes. Link here. That is the US version of course. I saw it on TOI website but maybe it is not so strange that the Indian Media has downplayed it. They may not have shown it on TV though, afterall its the question of a week’s primetime fodder.

  2. Dear Vijay,

    About SRK I have seen many of his movies and was thinking are there no other actor for the Indian Movies and how much does he pay the Movie Makers to use him in about every Bollywood film. He was not so long ago in South Africa and they interviewed him on one of our popular programmes and believe me I FIND HIM EXTREMELY ARROGANT!

    1. 🙂 You have nailed it Elfie, that’s precisely the problem with 98% of the movie actors here. They start behaving like brats thinking they’re playing God and they are above the protocols.

      Shahrukh is not alone in this, however, he tends to be at the wrong side of rationale more often than not just like his more prolific competitors like the other Khans and the Bachchans.

      Probably this is one of the downsides of being famous in Tinseltown…


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