Random Notes

It’s half past two in the morning and I have finally managed to get myself back to the good old postings on this almost forgotten blog. The day was hectic as they are usually, to say that this was a normal weekend would be atrocious. It was so not a normal (read laid back and relaxed) Saturday.

It started with the dose of news bites from my trusted source, Bengaluru editions of newspapers and a revisit to my plans for Saturday. From Sarjapura to J.P. Nagar to M.G. Road, Domlur, Marathalli and back was the trip of the ring road for me, being a second Saturday of the month most of the offices were closed and so was Mayo Hall. I was pretty amazed to observe how serene this old building looks when there are a very few souls roaming around. I went there and sat for a while and I didn’t find it difficult to relate the campus to my high school, the Besant Theosophical School. That has one of the oldest architectures the city of Varanasi possesses and has the same old world charm that attracts visitors in droves. It was built roughly in the same period as was the Benares Hindu University (may be before that, I’m talking approximate here) by the legendary figure Annie Besant (ex-president of the Indian National Congress.) The Theosophical Society at Adyar and Varanasi was prominent philosophical movement of the pre-independence India and stalwarts like J. Krishnamurti were at times associated with it. When I came back from this bout of deja vu, it was time to make a promise to self to visit the school and meet up with the old boys left in the city. It felt good.

Bengaluru commercial district has seen a sea change in landscape due to the Metro project, a lot of discussion have already taken place on various forums regarding the effects and aftereffects of the injudicious felling of trees in the name of progress. The M.G. Road of yore (I visited it in the year 1995 for my NDA-SSB and it was lush green then; of course it used to rain every evening as if Lords were out to cleanse it of all the dust and gloom,) then I had to come here after I took my first Job in the industry… Freshly out of a University lab, I wanted to see the M.G. road as if to ascertain whether the Bangalore city is the same. I was not totally disappointed, the road was still as green as it could be, scores of big shady trees dotted entire lane and there was hardly any place where one could feel the heat of a/an (ab)normal summer day (2004.) Gangaram’s, Indiana and Crossword (Brigade) were the favourite hang-out destinations for me then and still are, the route to get there and be back have changed a lot though. Hopefully Bengaluru gets back its Greens one day and the day comes soon. Hectic, tiring day with a less than 40% task completion rate. Tired but definitely not out.

Back to the World

‘Obama wins Oscar’ read the headlines of the last day (err! was it a Nobel? Whatever! [I read somewhere that the Americans hate this particular word the most, and I love using it even more so now :-)] pun intended)… He could win any known award hereafter. I was just wondering who has blinked big time; The award committee or the people who nominated him. Twitter confirms that my skepticism is shared by a large community though there are very many justifying it as well, God speed!

He had barely completed 10 days in the office and this has to be read in context here, may be the committee didn’t want to choose any one else from the list for the danger of sounding overly leftist or something. But him getting this award – and no matter how many times he proclaims “I do no find myself worthy of this honour” – has definitely brought up a lot of questions than answers. Congratulations President Obama anyway.

The other award announcement that made me scream (with joy of course) was that of Dr. V. Ramakrishnan sharing the Chemistry Nobel with two others. He was covered extensively in the Indian media both print and electronic. One of the major points he made was that of “do not judge a body of work by the awards bestowed therein,” may be he was talking of an ideal world, but I think this is the general tendency of people to run after recognition (it can not be corrected, it’s embedded) as the great Feynman once said, “I hate awards and societies as they represent Ghettos [us vs. them].” Nevertheless, there doesn’t seem to be available other means to identify a particular achievement among the non-practitioners of the trade (read laymen) but these.

Kapil Sibal was widely read last fortnight and earlier about the IITs’ (need to produce Nobel laureates before) demand for greater autonomy Mr. Feynman, and this Obamoble doesn’t help it anyway. Now everyone would at least find themselves obliged to think “yes we can!” before giving in to the harsh realities of the world. Good or bad? I do not know.


General Kiyani’s official den in Rawalpindi is attacked by the Tehriq-e-Taliban (Pakistan), many are dead and with this attack the extremists have given out loud signals – You side with us or US, you have to make a choice NOW – to Pakistani establishment. Pakistan must have understood by now that the terrorism it’s dealing with today is not in the numbers, it has found home in the hearts and minds of innumerous disgruntled young men and kids out there, and it certainly can not be wiped out as a faulty line on the slate. The army there is caught between two really awful decisions and they have to make a tough choice. Only time will tell how they deal with either.

Champion’s League T20

It started with a bang and the genius J.P. Dumini bit RCB so hard and with so much venom that their psychological staff would have to work day in and day out to resuscitate them. The innings of 99 was the best T20 knock I have seen so far and I have to say that it’ll remain so for a long time to come.

Dumini has been getting a lot of good ratings from the greats who know the game, but for an observer like me, it’s the rare charm in his shot making that tells the gifted from the brilliant. The kind of ease he brings to his game can be seen only in a Lara, Pollock, Sir Richards or a Tendulkar, and it seems that with the right kind of grooming and handling for him and others in the team, South African Cricket can be assured of a long reign as the champions of the game. He can win matches and spectators single-handedly without apparently breaking a sweat. Bloody Genius. Period.

CLT20 has come alive and the fixtures promise a lot of fireworks, I’m a big fan of Daredevils (esp. Sehwag, Dilshan and Gambhir) and would be wishing that they put the misery of their first encounter behind and do justice to their pre-tournament billing, this is one team which looks like winning any given match on paper, and I’d hope they do it literally too. At the moment BushRangers and Cape Cobras look favourites by a long mile.

Home Front

Naxals are beheading government officials (it’s not entirely new though, only the news channels have suddenly woken up to this) and the home ministry is mulling over the precise model for tackling this menace. It also seems as if the ‘Chinese incursions’ have suddenly come down and the daily Swine Flu death numbers have also come under a reasonable mark (which have not, only that the print media has relegated these items to non-nondescript pages and DoorDarshan is showing the Swine Flu information on the info-bar.) Naxalism is the hot matter now, and apparently it has the bigger potential to fan the TRPs for a lot of folks out there.

I think that the ministry will not allow an all out attack (they have ruled out an airborne offensive already) on these groups for the fear of large scale loss of public lives and property and it will be the states who would be reiterated about the responsibility of reigning them in. In the meanwhile, Jharkhand Police has demanded security for its officers and constables in the wake of latest incident.

4 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Obama’s oscar win has created biggest furore in recent times, looks like he’s overrated all over. The newschannels were always about ratings and commerce,even today the english newschannels do not have enough trp points to beat the regional channels. They’ll do whatever it takes to grab the eyeballs. What amazes me even more is that people still form their opinions based on these.

    1. For a majority of people these news channels are the only source of information, since books and other papers have gone terribly out of fashion these days. However, the situation is not as grim as it seems, there are a few choices albeit small in numbers in print and electronic media.

      Having said that, opinion formation is, and should be a process based slightly more on individual preferences than influences. What happens actually is surely debatable though.

  2. Pakistan will disintegrate if the leaders there do not understand the place of terrorist in their policies and do away with them.Terrorism is well past the use by date and I think pakistan’s already on the path towards worst – only thing to be seen is how much it affects india.

    1. Any country or any person who doesn’t wish to coexist peacefully with others that are different from themselves would have to go through the perils of their choices coming back to haunt them.

      Whether the ultimate would hit Pakistan or not is not known to anyone, but one thing is for sure, it’ll hurt India and other countries big time if this almost failed ‘nation’ suffers continually like it has done so far. For the disease it has contracted is extremely contagious and spreading fast. Who can guarantee this one state wouldn’t break into many identical clones? We shouldn’t be rushing into the choices here 🙂 the old adage “Beware of what you wish for” works perfectly here.

      This subcontinent can ill afford this dichotomy of with-or-without or one-or-multiple Pakistan/s.

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