Brand New Day and Year

The festive season has peaked now. Inflation is finally on the upward swing, Karnataka floods have receded and the stock indices are back to doing their bit in influencing common man’s choices. The urban middle class has started believing that the worst is just ebbing out and the good times would remain here long enough for a change.

Cars etc.

One of my colleagues who has many contacts in Hyderabad was telling me that Maruti Suzuki has offered a discount of INR 1,00,000 per car for a bulk booking of Ritz if the number is 100 or more (and I hear a group is actually doing it!) I read (too much into) this offering as – this model has really not picked up in the market which had just started to accept the designs and contours of their last bestselling model Swift. However, I would surely not hold anything against the design or the model (in fact the reviews are splendid) if it comes cheaper by this amount. Nevertheless, I do not have enough dough to cough up even the least possible down payment for a loan, and I’ll pass.

North Karnataka Floods

North Karnataka and Andhra are trying to come back to normal from flood fury and a swell of people have played their part in them doing so. I was pleased to see the kind of activism in the corporate world for fund collection (in my office and around.) Our country head announced it proudly that in spite of us being one of the smallest companies (head-count wise – we are roughly a 100 odd strong) in the campus of around 20 Co.s, have stood second in the list of contributors. I do not wish to brag about the above, but the context is the contribution from one of the world’s biggest chip manufacturers, a leading EDA software producer was a mere INR 1000 each. Whereas the biggest contribution was ~INR 2,50,000 (1000+ strong,) the second biggest was ~INR 62,000, the grand total was around INR 3,70,000. Not passing a judgement here, just bewildered…

Loss at the Office

Lost one of our colleagues due to respiratory complications last week, he died outside Bengaluru most probably due to lack of immediate and proper medical attention by experts. It’s not confirmed whether it was due to H1N1 or a Pneumonia and we’ll probably never know. Interestingly, I was told that the seat he used to occupy is known to be jinxed (if not now, it soon will I reckon going by the general sentiment) and two more people associated with it have died prematurely in the past.


Deepawali is to be celebrated tomorrow and the preparations all around are in full swing, the lights are installed, puja related purchases done and last minute petty shopping trips completed (most important.) Almost everyone looks happy doing their chores and so am I. Wishing you all a very happy Deepawali and a wonderful start to the new financial year.

May the new year usher in greater progress for all, lesser divide between the haves and have-nots, lots of environment activism, feverish pitches for water resource management by one and all, smaller C12 footprint, bigger government spending on education, hefty healthcare allocation in the plan expenditures, rejuvenated Ganga (the holy Ganges) and… greener and more beautiful Bengaluru with the dying lakes and parks restored. Too much to ask for eh! No harm in trying the luck anyway, may be the one up there is still interested in us and our prayers. 🙂


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