1/4 of a Century…

November the 2nd

It was Guru Purab today, the day to celebrate the birthday of one of the biggest saints and Gurus across all faiths. This was also a day falling just two days after one of the blackest days in the history of ‘secular’ India. Exactly 25 years have passed since the darkest of the riots and pogrom started against Sikhs. I wonder how the media of today tells it from the ones that happened in Calcutta in 1947, or Gujarat of modern days with shameless ease.

When Beant Singh and Satwant Singh trained their hand-cannons at the then PM Indira Gandhi, little did they realize (or probably this was their destiny) that it’ll tear apart their dream of a ‘homeland’ in the profoundest of the ways and intimidate entire nation by giving it a permanent scar. The Punjabi identity that was (and still is) so synonymous of industriousness and entrepreneurship was suddenly transformed into that of a terrorism sympathizer, worse, a killer. The common man was hit the most and the wounds are now festering.

Even worse hit were those who wore turbans and had nothing to do with those grandiose ideologies. They were ordinary Indians who were more than happy earning a decent living and seeing their family at the end of a hard day’s toil. I was small then to know much about the gravity of a nationally televised funeral of the PM (I remember however that almost entire colony was jam-packed in the living room of our land-lord’s flat to get to watch it all on the only colour TV that his son got in dowry,) nevertheless, what we kids were bothered about was the “flying Aluminum utensils in a factory compound some distance away from our colony”. Now I can know whose factory it was, it could be any XYZ, name is immaterial here as a human being was being ripped off the dignity and life’s earning by the fellow beings who may be a few days ago didn’t even dare to talk to him in a raised tone. To this day people are awaiting justice and nation is bleeding.

To me this is the day to introspect as to why does India have to suffer at hands of all and sundry just because of its (or lack of it) ‘one nation in diversity’ identity. Recent barbs being traded between the republic(?) of China and the republic of India suggest (almost) that every country in the world has a right to call it names like ‘colonialist’ or ‘hegemonic’ irrespective of their own record on the very fronts. Even more amusing is Pakistan’s rancour ad infinitum and recent shrill claims that India is helping Taliban in Afghanistan and dissidents in Balochistan.

November the 8th

Feeling pretty down at the 4-2 lead that Australia gained over India merely because of professional execution of plans in the ongoing series. I think a 5 match series would have been a face saver for India, at least they could have claimed that the series went down to the wire and they lost just because of one bad day at the office. Now, well, the story is different and India is actually fighting for pride in a dead rubber. So much for the effects of watching sports and thinking about it afterwards

SRT scaled 17000 in Hyderabad match and India lost that match because rest of the batsmen couldn’t collect 21 runs from 18 legal deliveries remaining. Australians were smelling blood by then and they attacked like a pack of wild dogs, eating the Indian rear-side (read tail) while still alive and in deep pain. The agony and frustration was evident on the master’s face and I was thinking the series is now gone, even if the Indians win the next two matches i.e. Guwahati proved me so right.

Australia lived up to their billing as a sporting nation and Indian bosses were happy in counting the bills and filling the BCCI coffers as if 21-12-12 is THE last day.

Random Notes

I think Hakia has made large strides and it looks like I’ll start taking semantic search more seriously now… Hope they are not eying a take-over.

5 thoughts on “1/4 of a Century…

  1. Australia A team have beaten ‘upstart’ indians, aussie media screams and rightly so, It seems that you guys are the new south africa mate 🙂 But your blokes have spunk no second thoughts about it. Better luck next time.

    1. I have to give it to you on ‘Australia A’ thingy Chris, however, it has to be remembered that the media has a tendency of going overboard everywhere, and in this instance the almost puerile reactions coming out from every piece of paper out there smacks of growing threat that India and RSA pose to Aussie hegemony.

      It has to be seen how much of defending Australia can do when India visit them for a Test series, that’ll be interesting. Especially in the light of the new racist colour acquired by the general happenings in the Oz, it’ll be one hell of a series I’d say. Keep posting though.


  2. Good to see your blog again… sorry for the delay in responding. I think people with turban always suffer, little others know that they are good people and keep it to themselves. Even I had watched funeral of PM and how the country cried for the false promises that were made to remove the poverty. I was too young to make any statement that time too(Also I watched in my Landlord’s house as it was the only tv in the whole town :-)). And she is considered as the best PM of India. Again Sikhs have to suffer in the western world because of Turban as it resembles Osama’s. Little do these people know that most of the men in Indian Army are Sikhs and they are damn patriotic. People take mickey out of Sardars everyday cracking sick jokes. I really do not know when this will stop…

    1. You are right and this thing hasn’t changed a bit since. Probably that’s the reason people run after positions and fame, because after that no one questions you on fundamental things and even your blunders are looked aside due to ‘bigger picture’ 🙂

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