Economy is the Square Root of Speed

After the disappearance of Jim Grey in 2007 and tragic death of Rajeev Motvani in June last year, it was Herbert Grosch who bid adieu this January 18th (he died of old age.) For many of us he wasn’t an awfully familiar name like Knuth, Karp et al are; but for the people interested in the history of computing, and to some who are associated with computing as a profession, he was something special and a pioneering figure.

IBM’s second employee (sic) and the propounder of Grosch’s law, the aphorism for which adorns the subject of this post, he had many accomplishments to his name. For further information you can visit the Wikipedia page here.

Thank you Herb for what you’ve done for the field of computing.


The India-RSA test series has reached its culmination even before warming up, the first test match was a heavy dent to the pride of these cricketers (though the hosts were reduced to fielding an undercooked side due to absence of Dravid and Laxman,) nevertheless the two class acts from Sehwag and Tendulkar warmed the hearts of the fans. It was probably this performance by India which gives the loud-mouths like the Bangladesh captain and coach to proclaim that India is no better than RSA and Australia.

However, the second test was a total contrast to the above, the same team with just the one replacement was on a sole mission to crush the guests beyond repair and prove a point or two to the world. So they did with their performances on the four days, RSA has been awestruck by the batting display by the Indians and demoralizing failure of their own bowling unit, the one which made the same team kneel down into submission a week back. Fifth day weather holding good and given that India play the same brand of fierce cricket of the last four days, the series result would be a fitting 1-1 …

These encounters can give test cricket its glory days back, only if the administrators could have the rare wisdom and courage to allocate a full (4-5 match) series to deserving opponents like RSA and Australia rather than playing the minnows and boring sides just to garner ICC votes. Sehwag has also shown that he’d rather score tons against #2-6 than hit 50s against the side-bottoms (pun intended.)


The last one was yet another hectic and typical Bangalore week. I was as usual trying to fit the books in between my day job schedule and was successful to an extent. The weather has taken some awkward swings from being chilly at times to being hot during the 24 hours period. Bangalore has lost its greenery and I feel responsible too – even if a bit – for it, I think every Bangalorean should feel the same and do something, I for one am doing my bit.

I was reading the other day about the load of migrants on the cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore increasing with each passing year and couldn’t stop from musing about it. The problems these poor cities face are genuine and need immediate redressal, but the major root-cause behind this mess is the failure of successive governments in creating alternative centres of growth. During the last 60 years, India hasn’t seen a single city developed from scratch apart from Chandigarh/Mohali and that’s a shame.

You travel just 15-20 KMs outside of any of the cities in India, the scenes are invariably the same. Rural poverty and misery would greet you and every state (be it Bihar or Maharashtra, though it’s volatile to put these two names in a single sentence these days,) would look like being one and the same sans their capitals. India is time warped at four metros and one AIIMS. Ironical? Well, ironical it is as they come.

One thought on “Economy is the Square Root of Speed

  1. Your prediction proved right sir, congratulations to india for winning this match though the south african team threatened to stretch this match beyond India. When yo have a monster like sehwag and artists like sachin & lakshman in the team 6 out of 10 times you win. I feel india needs one freaky fast bowler and a genuine allrounder to be No. 1 for long time.


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