That Time of the Year Again…

It’s barely February end and Bangalore is already feeling the heat of the things to come. Last few days have been a lot hotter February days than what I have faced during the 5 year stay in this beautiful city. Temperatures are soaring, lakes are vanishing, so is the green cover. Worst thing is that no one cares (or at least seems to.)

Two events; a fire at Carlton Towers which consumed 9 innocent lives and Sachin Tendulkar’s double ton in Gwalior were at the extremes of emotions that one can face.

The tragedy that happened in Bangalore could have been easily averted had the routine checks of fire/emergency response systems been carried out regularly. I gathered from news-bites filtering through from the folks in and around that area that all the emergency exits were locked out, and the building didn’t have enough detachable glass panes interspersed. Video clips were showing men and women sticking their necks out in precariously dangerous positions to get away from the smoking interior and towards fresh air, some of them were trying to break open the panes by hitting from the outside. May this be the last of infernos Bangalore sees for a long time to come is all I can wish for apart from praying for the departed souls.

Sachin Tendulkar made a mockery of SA bowling attack at the Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior today, which eventually took India beyond 400 and ultimately, RSA’s reach. The only argument against this knock would be that the pitch was an absolute graveyard for the bowlers and the boundary ropes were pulled in to make the field ridiculously small… My take is that it still needed resolve and patience to go out there and score those runs. Otherwise why on earth has this been the only 200+ score in all of the ODIs played in the history of the game?

Only thing that should linger is the greatness of this man who has brought smiles to so many people and gratitude towards the almighty for letting him accomplish this feat. Now the only thing left for him to do is scale the 300+ (let me be greedy here, even a 400+) in tests and the way he has started enjoying his batting again during the last year or so, it seems more probable than otherwise.

Today was one of those days when all went as expected (now that’s interesting) and still in a weird sense I was absolutely pissed off with almost everything. I was kind of expecting them to unfold that way — and praying somewhere within that they do not — nevertheless, it made a surreal learning experience. Boy! what an eventful and forgettable day but for Sachin’s marvellous achievement. Hail the little master!

One thought on “That Time of the Year Again…

  1. Well said Vj. That was the greatest display of skill and perfection I have ever seen in cricket. That too against No.2 opponent. There is nothing left for him to do now i believe. As he accomplished everything a person could imagine in cricket. Only wish was if he had done that against Aussies :-).
    I pray for those people who died in that accident. There is plenty to do when it comes to Bangalore. People are so busy ignoring the basics of life and running after money these days.

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