India in Sri Lanka, Krishna in Islamabad, and other Musings…

India v. Sri Lanka

India’s two test tour of Sri Lanka started recently with the Galle face-off. M. Muralidaran, the man with 793 scalps — as I write — in test match cricket and the current world record holder for the maximum number of wickets in this format of the game has decided to bid adieu after this match. Now, he would be one man who has endured possibly the most number of doubting puritans and skeptic opponents ever.

Right from Umpire Hair to our very own Bishan Bedi, he has had no dearth of people baying for his blood, still the man he is, he kept working towards his goal and ultimately, would be known as the person whose record remained untouched for at least two to three generations, may be more. Take that for a revenge, his presence on the cricket ground has always been eventful (both ways) and he has never till date failed to entertain us.

His stature among peers could be gauged by the fact that not many could play him with authority apart from the greats like Lara, Sachin, VVS, Dravid, Sehwag and Waugh brothers. Despite apparently rebutting his status as the premiere tweaker, every batsman worth his salt secretly fancied a century against him, such is the craft he possesses. As I have always said that there could be only one spin genius and that’s Warne, but the game of cricket has hugely benefited by the flares of brilliance of Kumble and Murali. He is one hell of a hard worker and a persistent soul, and this will keep him in good stead always. All the best mate!

Coming back to the test action, the score that Sri Lanka have posed seems to be enough for another historic win for them provided that the rain Gods relent and Sehwag decides to keep his blitz limited to a century or a 150+ in India’s first innings. Third day’s action also saw Ishant coming to terms with the Galle pitch and India suddenly waking up from deep slumber, though it was too late in the day, but still it made for a heartening sight. Harbhajan’s and Sehwag’s injuries are worrying signs and India must guard against any negative thoughts if they fancy saving this match.

The selection panel would like to look beyond the current pool of fast bowlers that India has, they never have learned from history, so I’m just keeping the fingers crossed.

India v. Pakistan

Last week saw one of the biggest ‘expected’ dramas on the world stage when a state representative of a self confessed ‘deeply rooted in tradition’ country behaved like a man possessed in front of international media. I guess he’d have many things to ponder after seeing himself on TV or now. Not only the content of what he uttered was flawed and out of place, but also the belligerent and self indulgent manner in which he spoke was weird. Never have I seen a foreign minister of a country (well versed in a language) speak with such dramatically accentuated long pauses — so much so — that the effect and purpose both were hilariously lost in transit.

Making measured statements has been the forte of statesmen and parliamentarians till now; but judging by the goings-on in the parliaments/senates and the world summits, I think the age of loud mouth netas and bellicose foreign ministers has well and truly arrived. Instant peace was never the expected outcome of these talks, these were more about the ‘talks’ and I’m afraid the last strand of civility between the two old foes has snapped.


  • INR received a symbol and became one of the few currencies across the world to do so, the design is interesting and looks like the Devanagari with a strike-through. I’d be more interested in seeing it gain international acceptance as an attractive foreign exchange, the day is quite far by any estimate
  • Kashmir has started to burn afresh with the fuel of stone-pelter’s new found vigour and vengeance; and Omar is currently not finding any answers, the Army is back in the valley and it’s likely that the shrill demands of repeal of AFSPA will gain further ground. Though New Delhi is backing him big time, the coming days will be tougher than he might have imagined
  • Saina Nehwal climbed to 2nd spot in world badminton rankings and there was not enough flutter created on the news channels, guess her achievements are not as important as that of her almost namesake
  • Common Wealth Games 2010 are doomed to remain in choppy waters as the governing bodies are busy making their political ends meet before they actually start thinking of the ‘Games’, BTW when the hell are they going to start
  • Sachin Tendulkar would publish his autobiography with the bonus gift of his blood strewn across the pages, innovative idea to keep the DNA fingerprint stored at various places as well as telling the ‘original’ from the fake (pun intended) 🙂
  • Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan is making everyone sit up and take notice, though it’s still to be seen whether this becomes one of the few movies that translated critical acclaim into BO riot, I can’t recall even a few, was Saraansh one of those… Hmmm
  • Almost all the developed countries are planning (or already have) legislation(s) to curb the influx of skilled immigrant population, so much for globalization, I guess the yardsticks are different for different eras and geographies

The week was good, better than expected, weather in south of India has started taking turn towards rainy days and cool nights and that’s cool.

What’s not so cool is frequent rail accidents (especially the head-on collisions) happening, and subsequent statements by the Railways Ministry accounting ‘possibility of sabotage’ as a reason for the mishaps… More than 60 people lost their lives in the recent train accident in Birbhum, West Bengal is the case in point, when will we learn to respect lives? Brushing aside a glaring question is like wishing the demon away which unfortunately happens only in the grandma’s stories. I wonder what kind of tale we’re living right now. It sure isn’t the one that India would like.


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