After struggling with this question (rather an alien one to me personally) of work vs. life, I’ve decided to fathom how long typical “work” life lasts every day, thinking about “life” would make that much sense afterwards. So far there’s not been many quantifiable metrics published that fits my case – so I thought this’ll be one interesting thing to measure.

I’ll be measuring the total time I spend each day on core “work”, “life”, chores, necessary waste, survival, junk and many more such categories for the next 30 days.

The major challenge would be to not get swayed by the public nature of this study as well as not let the temptation to tinker the data just to make it look more palatable/politically correct (if you will) get better of me 🙂

But that’s where my training as a researcher would hold me good I reckon!

More on this in the coming days.

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