Work-Life Week 0 Log

Parameters & methods defined, expectations set and experiment started.

We’re going to record activities under categories namely ‘core’ work (I program, but to keep it generic, we’ll call it ‘core’), ‘ancillary’ work (anything that can be clubbed as necessary part of job that helps in keeping things tidy), ‘life’ (family related activities, quality time), ‘fitness’ (should be a part of life itself, however, in our world, it’s a big achievement to carve out time for physical well being, so we’ll treat it special), waste-n (‘n’ for necessary), waste-v (‘v’ for voluntary).

Methodology to log time is a mix of old world with high tech. – simple pocket diary with the help of apps like time-keeper on machine (mac/pc) or stop-watch on cellular phone at the end of each hour. At the end of each day, all the time logged under respective heads is simply populated to the database for trending in the long run.

Later we’ll try to have some form of aggregation built up from hour to day to week, and possibly to the month for a particle period of day for comparative analysis.

First few days have been eye openers to say the least, in a way, they’ve broken lot of notions regarding our time utilisation patterns. At times I’ve been pleasantly surprised too regarding my focus towards core, sometimes I found what and how bad a programmer’s block can be (numbers would take some time to come, as I don’t know yet which category the effort towards it would go to 😉 ) – worst part is that last 4 days haven’t crossed 90 minutes of fitness in total, ouch! – now the question is, would it not be recalibration of activities if I try to rectify the normal schedule by this feedback mechanism.

Interesting thing building up I’d say.

To life!

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