Work-Life Week 2 & 3 Log

And here it goes again, it’s Deepawali day (India’s biggest festival, also called festival of lights), and I finally managed to carve out time to log the last stage of my experiment.

I’d be brief about the observation part as the sound pollution is getting on my nerves rather fast. The last two weeks were hectic, from every front, and the results were almost-wonderful, I worked like crazy, had fun crazier, and my family life wasn’t better… like ever.

I managed to take 3 days easy, for my personal use, out of 11 – which is not bad. Managed to finish off major code piece, and was able to travel too (official though ;-)) without letting the day-job’s responsibilities suffer.

The distribution was as follows:

– Productivity up by 4% W/W
– Productivity up by 3% overall
– Physical activity up by 8% by dint of taking the walk route to the office
– Spent 20% time with family (unfair, as a lot of it was due to festivals during last 2 weeks)
– I was able to skip more un-useful meetings, and it didn’t hurt

– (massive) had to drop out of the coursera courses
– missed hackerrank 101 totally, as I was traveling (couldn’t do much)
– Productivity, though increased, didn’t translate in quality code as much as I’d have liked it to
– Didn’t write enough (this blog is just another proof)
– Daily walk to the office, was used sometimes as an excuse to skip a round or two of work-out

– Yoga practice resumed, however, urge to discontinue is cropping up again 😦 I hope I’d be able to overcome it
– LoC produced remained roughly the same over the weeks, it also means that priorities were a bit off
– Jogging, still on the shelf due to fear of stray dogs in the morning hours of Indian streets (esp. during Monsoons ;-))

General inference would be that when I was busy like a dog, I used to manage time better, however, it did take a toll on my body-clock. This’ll mean that what I gained in a particular week, lost on some other front during the next. It’s a precarious balance to keep… This same thing can be extended to life, weeks turn into months or years, or even decades, the choice is ours to make – what we wish to gain, and are ready to trade in i.e.

What I loved the most during these four weeks? Well, when I solved a tricky problem, when I read something that I really wanted to, when I was with the one I love etc. the list has one commonality – you can call it work, life or whatever, it ultimately ends up with you. Work becomes life when you aren’t careful, vice versa for life. Less said, the better, but what we need to know is that experiences need to be transformed into life lessons almost instantaneously in this digital age, otherwise, everything flies.

To life! Happy Deepawali!


Shameful attack on Canadian parliament condemned in the strongest possible words.

Sarita Devi’s ban from IBA condemned, it’s unfortunate, ill-timed, and awfully highhanded to say the least.

Congress party, left/left-of-centre media’s critiques and other anti-BJP parties’ routinely puerile attacks on anything that the Indian PM does, are losing their headline value, they need to reinvent on the ground to be of any relevance, words aren’t making them look any better than the election results have shown during last 6 months.

2 thoughts on “Work-Life Week 2 & 3 Log

    1. Thanks, Elijah, for the kind words, coming to think of it, I’m writing already here 🙂

      Having said that, getting published some day would be the icing on the cake, but for now, I’m not think too far ahead of myself and writing this weblog just for fun.

      Keep your comments coming.


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