Four Years of Sabbatical, and Counting…

A Random Note

It’s been more than four years (I reckon), way more than what I had planned as a vacation from blogging, and now it’s so very difficult to start again. So here goes, I decided to write again, and thought of making public what I’d be writing on, so at least the pressure starts to build up. Last four years have been very interesting for me, I tried new things, built a lot of new ideas, read a ton, travelled a lot. So by that account, I have now a critical mass of authentic and spontaneous stories to tell.

This post is just to get me started on the computer key-board for long-form writing, back from pen and paper, and also to list down what all topics I’d be writing on during this year…

  • Advaita Vedanta
  • Linguistics
  • Semiotics
  • Start-up Adventures
  • Technology
  • Literature & Arts
  • Sustainable Living & Environment
  • Philosophy
  • Travel
  • Science (Mathematics and Physics)

I intend to keep my word with myself and make quality time regularly to tell some really interesting and compelling stories, I don’t have any excuse here either, because four years, as a leave of absence, is really something… Something indeed!

To Life!

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